Khaldun Research

October 17, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Even after so much information has been gathered deep from within Khaldun in recent weeks so many mysteries still surround the tomb.  Those who attended this past Sundays bookclub meeting were introduced with some new tasks that will hopefully help to spread knowledge and spark interest on Khaldun throughout Legends.

Those brave enough to venture down into the depths of Khaldun have been ask to find and record the scriptures and readings found on the several paintings and murals spread all throughout the tomb.  The locations of the paintings would also be a good source of knowledge to observe and report.  Along with the paintings it was also asked to take note of any other mysterious objects or findings within the walls of the tomb.  This could be anything that looks strange or out of place so be on guard and prepared to observe that which you may normally ignore.

  From my own experiences of being deep withing the tomb I have found that it is best to keep a low profile.  This means the ability to stealth or a mage who can cast invisibility would be best suited as the monsters can overwhelm and surround victims rather quickly.  If you lack these skills then stock up on invisibility potions or make sure you only explore the tomb in large groups with healers and those who can resurrect.  I would also suggest that if you do try to gather a group you do not announce this to the mass of the population as murderers could be waiting if the wrong person were to hear of such an expedition.  If you are able to gather any of this information it has been asked that you record it into a book and drop a copy into the green mailbox found at the Communications Center in Trammel Britain next to the EM Hall.  I wish those who take this task upon themselves a safe return.

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