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Landmarks; by FatherGanja
Strange Locations:
Across Ilshenar, there are several very odd places that have yet to be fully understood. Here I will highlight these places such as an old temple, a city of lizards, and a city of fire. 

Ruined Cities:
The cities of Ilshenar, thought long ago to be totally destroyed and devoid of life, still contain many secrets to this day. Most recently, many brave souls have liberated the gargoyle city of Vel Lor Reg, a gigantic city bristling with life. Who knows what the future may hold in this ancient land? Only time will tell….

Blackthorn’s Ilshenar Castle. 

Built in the heart of Ilshenar, some would say overnight, is the Ilshenar home of Lord Blackthorn.
Corrupted by his own ambition, Blackthorn has traded his very humanity, to become ally with the dark Exodus.

Infesting the castle like so many rats, are the evil Juka, Juggernauts, Betrayers, and even Controllers.
Only the brave, and some would say foolish, dare risk this journey.

Montor, “Mountain Passion”, is located in the northern mountains of Ilshenar. Once a beautiful city, with flowing waterfalls and immense libraries, it has long since been destroyed by the volcano that it was built upon. When the city fell, some of the survivors headed west, while others south. The shrine of Chaos is also contained in the city, to the east. 

Now, the only life that can be found is the creatures of the Abyss. Gargoyles, daemons, succubus, and even a balron make their home in the former paradise. Travels are advised to be extremely cautious here if they choose to make a trip to this city of fire and brimstone.

The Shrine of the Virtues 

Not much is known about this shrine, although it is adorned with several statues of Gargoyles…

Vel Lor Reg, translated as the “Home of Light” from Gargish tongue. Thought to be lost to the winds of time, the city was discovered to be under the control of less than honorable forces, the vile minions of Exodus. It’s citizens, doomed to a life of slavery and servitude, had neither the power nor the numbers to combat this evil force. 

However, as has happened before in times past, a group of heroic warriors and mystics took the burden on themselves to free the gargoyles, and put right what once went wrong.
Following an epic battle the likes which haven’t been seen in ages, in what was thought to be the home of the vile Exodus, the heroes broke Exodus’ hold on the gargoyles, and the city was saved!

Today, the city is a vibrant center of trade and exploration in the new lands, the gargoyle citizens helping their liberators, however they may be able to when the chance presents itself.

Terort Skitas, the Temple of Knowledge. When Montor fell, this is where most of the scholars went to rebuild. Most of the information about Ilshenar was obtained from the scrolls and books inside of the walls of the temple. What was once a refuge for the greatest minds in Ilshenar, is now nothing more than an empty monument to the people that past. Perhaps that is what drew the monsters that now inhabit the lower levels of the Sorcerers Dungeon, including a pair of balrons. 

If you are brave enough to reach the upper levels of the Temple, you will be greeted with a giant waterfall, that would have taken an army of master craftsmen to create, and the remains of a once great library and sanctum of magic.

As the survivors journeyed further west, they came across a large village built by a race of lizardmen, who proved to be less than friendly. In the middle of the village, is a cave that contains the dreaded ancient wyrm. Could the lizardmen worship the wyrm as some sort of god, or something else?
The Gargoyles of Vel Lor Reg are not the only creatures to make a home for themselves in Ilshenar. Just a short journey to the west of the Honor shrine lies a building, broken down with age and war, but still able to support inhabitants. Here is where the Rat men have staked a claim, turning this old fort from a forgotten past , into a home for all rat-kind. Oddly enough, the rats seem to have an agreement with a small group of brigands, living in the basement of the old fort.
The Pass of Karnaughh 

More is known about the mating cycle of Mongbats than this strange building, built almost inside of the mountains around it. Containing some of the more vile creatures that call Ilshenar home, you would be well advised to avoid this place, unless traveling with a fair sized group.

Mistas, the giant walled city. Built to withstand the various monsters that roam Ilshenar, Mistas withstood constant attack and kept it’s citizens safe. From information that has been recovered, we can believe that the people that lived here were a kind and just people. It is unknown what caused the people to leave, as the defenses of the city are still intact, only now in use by an army of Ratmen and Ogres. Past the walls of the city, is a path that leads to a passage filled with strange creatures, odd relics and a temple of some sort. The Serpentine dragon makes it’s home in this cave, along with a race of pixies and centaurs. 

The Juka also noticed the cities defensive power, and chose to make it the home for their clan, where they reside today.

The Savage Village. During the Orc/Savage war, this is where the strange, painted humans very well could have come from. Situated just south of Blackthorn’s new Ilshenar castle, and against the mountain, this village is a very defensible position. Among the huts, you’ll find a garden, the various tools and weapons introduced by the Savages, in various stages of production. Also near, and a small herd of ridgebacks make their home. 

Be advised if you wish to explore the savage village; pay a visit to your local village chef for a batch of tribal paint.

Little is known of the city of Lakeshire. From recovered text, we know they did not use the secondary language of Ilshenar, and the people of Mistas referring to them as “lacking will”. Where once a tribe of Gazers made their home, the Meer have laid claim. Who knows what happened to the small pack of Gazers, the Meer aren’t telling…
To the north of Lakeshire is another oddity. A small village built into huge trees And inhabited by what some have called Pixies. I find it hard to believe in such foolishness. The southern expanse also holds mystery. There you find large cairn stones that seem to mark boundaries. One party reported seeing strange figures in the woods here. To the west of the town is a ruined forge. It looks as if it was used to forge iron mined from a cave just next to the location. It is now overrun with vermin. Finally that last note on this area would be a large fortress built into the side of a mountain. No one has dared venture inside for the outside is piled high with skulls and bones. One passage in another of the Anskitas books speaks of this place. 

“korp ku-nte reg de por-ilem-mani-lemi” which translates into “death within the home of she that takes life”

Not much is known of this island temple, although adventurers have told tales of winged men living inside it’s walls. Contained inside, is an entrance to a dungeon.
The Cyclops and Titans of Ilshenar seem to have made a temple themselves, for some unknown reason. Perhaps they use it to worship a god, or something else more sinister. South of the temple is an entrance to a dungeon of Ilshenar.
Inside of an underground cave, is a building that seems to have been built to honor the wisps that inhabit Ilshenar. Contained inside, are various statues of wisps, and even a giant runic maze that was built by some unknown persons.

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