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Guide to Ilshenar
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Introduction to the Third Dawn and Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge expansion sets
UO: Third Dawn

Ultima Online: Third Dawn was the 4th expansion to the world of Sosaria. Adding the facet of Ilshenar, a highly dangerous and large land with many secrets hidden in it’s ruins, new monsters and beasts to encounter in your travels, and the ability to view the world in an entirely new way: 3D.

UO: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge

Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge is the 5th expansion to the world of Sosaria. With Third Dawn, access to Ilshenar was limited to players using the Third Dawn client. Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge, however, gives players the option of using either the Third Dawn client or the “original” 2D client. Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge also introduced a new storyline featuring Lord Blackthorn as the protagonist, 30 new monsters designed by Todd McFarlane (some originally for Origin Worlds Online), the Virtue System, and new music taken from Ultima: Ascension and Origin Worlds Online in mp3 format. You are required to purchase seperate instances of the UO: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge client for each account if you would like to access all the features now available to the 2d client or the new music if you are only using the Third Dawn client.

Last modified: November 24, 2011

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