Ilshenar Gypsy Camps

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Gypsy Camps; by FatherGanja

Sadly, Ilshenar is mostly devoid of friendly human life. Normally all you will find waiting for you in the new lands are brigands, waiting to take your very life from you.

However, there are friendly faces out there, in the form of the gypsies. Traveling like nomads, these people trek over the lands, looking for new opportunities for fortune, and a better life. Ilshenar is far from a safe land, as there are monsters of all size and description, covering the lands and making travel hard for the gypsy. As a result, some of them gave up the nomadic lifestyle, in favor of setting up a more permanent home in the safety of the nearby mountains.

In these gypsy camps, you are likely to find a banker, a provisioner, or even a blacksmith. As it is their nature, the gypsy never stays in one place for too long, and they are searching for new routes of travel all the time. This is the currently known travel route of the gypsy caravan.

South East of Honor Moongategypsy_honor South towards Mistas, just east of the mountaingypsy_honesty Further east, over the bridgegypsy_mistas
Pass by Mistas and Justice Gate to the dockgypsy_justice Continue East over the mountain top to Healer Grovegypsy_healers Through Lakeshire and follow the Lake shoregypsy_Lakeshire
Just past Twin Oaks Taverngypsy_twinoaks follow the road over the bridge, across the beach to 2nd bridge (Ancient Citadel)gypsy_bridge Turn north, pass the permanent camp (see below) to the top of the Demon’s valleygypsy_demonvale
At the mouth of the Eastern end of the Pass of Karnaugh


However, if you’re looking for a more stable area to rest yourselves after a bit of adventuring, you can find more permanent gypsy camps at these locations. Unfortunately, there is no telling how long they will be able to keep themselves safe from nearby creature population.

South of Compassion gate, by the entrance to Central Ilshenargypsy_central East of Compassion towards the Ancient Wyrmgypsy_Yorik
In the desert near Ancient Citadelgypsy_desert1 East in the desert gypsy_desert2

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