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Sanctuary Caves

There is a set of tunnels under Sanctuary which provide for a slightly safer route compared to the vast number of nasties up on top. Also, there aren’t any confusing garbage piles that suck you into mobs of monsters. In order to gain entrance to these tunnels, you have to fall through holes. Don’t worry, there are rope ladders that will let you come back up! That’s how you end up avoiding spawn.

First, from the entrance, you need to find the closest rat hole. Here’s a radar map and a picture of the rat hole:


Once in the tunnel, there are four regular creatures that spawn; rats, ratmen, ratmen archers, and ratmen mages. Finally, there’s one boss that spawns there, a Boss Ratman. Provided you have the resists and avoid stepping directly on traps, you should be able to run by them all. Remember, sticking to the walls should let you avoid most of the traps. The path shown should have no traps in it.

Here is a picture of how to walk around the traps, and then a map showing the route to take that should avoid traps all together:

At the little room where the boss spawns there is a rope ladder leading up. Go up it and run south and you’ll find the wall of Sanctuary. Run into the ore cart and it will let you inside.

Finally, when you need to leave from here, go back to the rat hole you arrived at (the one that leads back to the boss Ratmage’s area). Once inside, you can take a quick run and get outside of the dungeon through an exit only tunnel.

Tellsien Mournid UO Great Lakes News Reporter.

Last modified: July 18, 2013

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