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Dungeons – Overview
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Blighted Grove Lady Melisande’s domain Just south of Dungeon Shame. 1 S, 51 W
Covetous Magic & Undead A short walk west of Vesper, buried inside mountains, lies Dungeon Covetous. 61 N, 82 E
Deceit Lair of the Undead The entrance to Deceit can be found within the mountains on Ice Island. 104 N, 163 W
Despise Semi-Humanoids Walk from Britain Cemetary to the North, through the mountain pass, and turn left. 47 N, 1 W
Destard Den of Dragons From the Skara Brae mainland, follow the coast line. Destard lies North of the great swamp area. 89 S, 10 W
Hythloth Hellish Fiends Far away, on Fire Island, lies the entrance to Hythloth. 167 N, 120 W
Orc Caves Orcs all around In the Serpent’s Spine Mountains, the entrance to the Orc Caves can be found. 16 N, 21 W
Painted Caves Home of the Troglodytes A short walk southwest of Trinsic, near Hidden Valley. 120 S, 27 E
Prism of Light Crystal Creatures Northeastern tip of the isle of Nujel’m. 46 N, 173 E
Sanctuary Camp of the Outcast Elves In the mountains south of Yew, near the Brigand Camp. 2 S, 39 W
Shame Elemental Playground From Yew, keep walking South-West. A mountain pass will lead to a small forest area that holds the entrance to Shame. 5 N, 56 W
Solen Hive Insect’s Lair Random appearing patches of dirt give access to hidden tunnels. 71 N 28E
75 N 90 E
102 S 25 E
15 N 41 W
Wrong Humanoid Dwelling Far North of the Britannian desert, a large crypt gives access to Dungeon Wrong. 123 N, 50 E
The Lost Lands
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Britain Passage the Sewer In the center of Britain, two ladders lead down into the sewers. 1 S, 11 E
Fire Dungeon the Volcano The north docks of Serpent’s Hold give access to the entrance to Fire Dungeon. 156 S, 112 E
Ice Dungeon the Fridge West of Wrong, an opening in a mountain gives passage to the Ice Dungeon. 135 N, 37 E
Khaldun the Cursed East of Delucia, two openings in the mountain wall form the entrances to Khaldun. (Felucca only) 62 S, 3 W
58 S, 5 E
Palace of Paroxysmus Chief Paroxysmus’ Domain A short walk northwest of Papua. 8 N, 25 W
Terathan Keep the War Zone West of Papua, in the west wing of an old building, ladders go down inside the Terathan Keep 2 S, 34 W
Trinsic Passage the Hot Dungeon South-West of Trinsic, a set of caves forms a passage to the Lost Lands 149 S, 21 E
Cave Theme Location Sextant
Ancient Lair Ancient Wyrm Inside mountain in Central Ilshenar 98 N, 27 W
Lizard Passage Lizards Inside mountain next to Lizard Camp in the South-West 25 N, 70 W
Mushroom Cave Mushrooms West of the Shrine of Spirituality 25 N, 9 E
Rat Cave Underground A bit North-East of the shrine of Sacrifice 41 N, 20 W
Spider Cave Arachnids Inside mountain in the Spider forsest, a bit North of Twin Oaks Tavern 62 N, 6 E
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Ankh Undead and Rats Various entrances in the South-West 41 N, 52 W
61 N, 46 W
17 N, 68 W
65 N, 36 W
Blood Red as Blood East of the Shrine of Spirituality 34 N, 29 E
Exodus Mechanics Central Ilshenar 74 N, 34 W
Rock Hard as Rock Deep inside the mountains east of the desert 92 N, 32 E
Sorcerers Enchanters Inside Terort Skitas mountain due south of Shrine of Valor 102 N, 54 W
Spectre Ethereals Beneath Reg Volom in Ilshen’s Lake 51 N, 2 E
Twisted Weald Dread Horns Domain Inside the Mushroom Cave. N/A
Wisp FoA Shrine Below the shrine of Honesty 23 N, 29 W
27 N, 47 W
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Bedlam Necromancer Academy Inside the Bloodletters Guild in Umbra. 22 N, 52 E
Doom Meet your Doom East of the Necromancer city of Umbra, in the corrupted forest. 31 N, 72 E
Labyrinth Minotaur City On the Isle of the Divide. There is a teleporter west of Umbra that takes you there. 57 N, 28 E
Tokuno Islands
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Fan Dancer Dojo Fan Dancers and Demons In the forests on the northern part of Isamu-Jima. 125 N, 24 W
The Citadel Ninja Stronghold On the east coast of Isamu-Jima. 74 N, 1 E
Yomotsu Mines Mines of the Yomotsu In the mountains south of the Homare-Jima moongate. 74 N, 75 W
Ter Mur
Dungeon Theme Location Sextant
Underworld Home of the Goblins Fire Island Volcano, Trammel 144° 3′ S, 158° 4′ W
The Stygian Abyss Mini Champ Areas From Underworld to Tomb of Kings
Lava Caldera, Skeletal Dragon, Enslaved Goblins, Fire Temple Ruins, Secret Garden, Lands of the Lich, Passage of Tears, Cavern of the Discarded, Abyssal Lair Entrance, Stygian Dragon Lair Entrance, Crimson Veins
Tomb of Kings Gateway to the Stygian Abyss Holy Isle

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