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Trade Center of the Tokuno Islands.




34.48N x 44.5W – Miyabi Inn
32.36N x 43.10W  – Koku Kitchens
30.14N x 45.25W – Rokuon Cultural Center and shops

28.39N x 43.18W –  Sasara Magical Supplies and Remedies
28.29N x 42.23W – Good Fortunes Jewelry
30.3N x 41.16W  – Zento Provides
28.33N x 39.5W – Iroha Armorer and Mush-Shugyo Dojo
28.23N x 37.32W – Kagome Bowyer
29.58N x 37.24W – Yume Stables
32.25N x 39.9W – Mibu BlackSmith

32.52N x 41.41W – Zento Bank
34.48N x 41.29W – Suteki Na Craftworks
34.53N x 38.6W – Satori Healing Garden

Last modified: October 16, 2011

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