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Cities – Overview
City Theme Location
Britain City of Compassion 6°03’S 7°56’E
Buccaneer’s Den City of Pirates and Thieves 49°55’S 99°04’E
Cove City of Love 40°30’N 63°06’E
Jhelom City of Valor 171°18’N 0°21’E
Magincia City of Pride 47°06’S 169°06’E
Minoc City of Sacrifice 93°30’N 83°06’E
Moonglow City of Honesty 39°22’N 138°48’W
Nujel’m City of Pleasure 27°14’N 172°10’E
Ocllo Mountain People 78°45’S 166°34’E
Serpents Hold Order of the Silver Serpent 162°46’S 110°10’E
Skara Brae City of Spirituality 46°28’S 50°57’W
Trinsic City of Honor 105°33’S 34°52’E
Vesper City of Industry 83°35’N 110°36’E
Wind City of Magicka 64°4’N 2°40’E
Yew City of Justice 67°12’N 47°56’W
The Lost Lands
City Theme Location
Delucia Lost Lands 77°4’S 46°41’W
Papua Swamp City 2°27’S 18°16’W
City Theme Location
Ancient Citadel Undead 95°5’N 13°38’E
Ver Lor Reg Gargoyles 86°18’N 34°10’W
Gypsy Camps Gypsies 88°9’N 13°4’E
94°23’N 20°6’E
104°35’N 4°59’E
92°38’N 5°37’W
Lakeshire City of the Lake 43°35’N 8°26’W
Mistas City of Balance 48°15’N 35°22’W
Montor City of Fire 118°2’N 22°51’E
Reg Volon Ethereal 46°50’N 2°48’E
Savage Camp Savages 78°23’N 5°50’W
Terort Skitas Magic 105°17’N 52°31’W
City Theme Location
Luna City of Chivalry 96°24’N 21°39’W
Umbra City of Necromancy 20°55’N 47°23’E
Tokuno Islands
City Theme Location
Zento City of the Empress 96°24’N 21°39’W
Ter Mur
City Theme Location
Royal City City of the Gargoyle Queen 156°26’S 41°3’W

Last modified: October 16, 2011

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