Grand Atlas – Wind

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The Lost City of Wind Dim: 410×341 – Size: 33k

City of Magicka
(As explored by Breeze and drawn by Den Dragon)

Maze to Teleporter Dim: 36×282 – Size: 35k
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Britain Buccaneer’s Den Cove Delucia Gargoyle Jhelom Magincia Minoc Moonglow
Nujel’m Ocllo Papua Serpent’s Hold Skara Brae Trinsic Vesper Wind Yew
Merchant Locations
Wind Alchemy
(135°47’N 90°13’W)
Magical Supplies
(131°50’N 86°39’W)
Second Alchemy Shop
(134°23’N 79°07’W)
Mage’s Things
(133°40’N 90°38’W)
Wind Healer
(131°02’N 82°22’W)
Seat of Knowledge (library)
(126°28’N 83°02’W)
Windy Clothes (no loom/wheel)
(134°23’N 87°48’W)
The Learned Mage (library)
(129°06’N 84°16’W)
Seeker’s Inn
(139°28’N 89°21’W)
Mage’s Appetite
(137°06’N 76°04’W)
Wind Inn
(138°57’N 79°24’W)
Wind Tavern
(126°33’N 85°17’W)
Other Points of Interest
E1 Wind Entry Teleporter
(65°12’N 02°40’W)
E2 Wind Exit Teleporter
(129°22’N 88°53’W)
1 Teleporters To/From Wind Park
(136°29’N 87°31’W)/(141°09’N 86°43’W)
(129°59’N 90°26’W)
(123°50’N 84°54’W)
(124°58’N 88°58’W)

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