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Ver Lor Reg

This page preserved for historical reference.  Ver Lor Reg was destroyed by Exodus’s Minions.  The area is now know as Exodus City
Britain Buccaneer’s Den Cove Delucia Gargoyle Jhelom Magincia Minoc Moonglow
Nujel’m Ocllo Papua Serpent’s Hold Skara Brae Trinsic Vesper Wind Yew
Merchant Locations
1) Atri-Ben-In-Ailem
(Golem Production)
10) Ter-An-Eks-Por
2) Lap-In-Lem
(Stone Mason)
11) Librum
3) Zhel-In-Lem
12) Skis-In-Lem
4) Anglo-In-Lem
13) In-Mani-Lem
5) Ter-Zu
14) Atri-Aur
6) Ben-In-Lem
15) Ben-In-Lem
7) Atri-Aur
16) Ter-Ort-Lem
(Magic Shop)
8) Klar-Lap-In-Lem
17) Agra-Char-In-Lem
(Weapon Smith)
9) Lap-In-Lem
(Pottery / Masonry)
18) Central Area

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