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The foremost technological center of Britannia.

Dim: 580×500 – Size: 243k
Britain Buccaneer’s Den Cove Delucia Gargoyle Jhelom Magincia Minoc Moonglow
Nujel’m Ocllo Papua Serpent’s Hold Skara Brae Trinsic Vesper Wind Yew
Baked Delights
(104°35’S 39°14’E)
Paladins Library
(97°01’S 47°44’E)
Bank of Britannia
(105°33’S 34°52’E)
First Trinsic Stablery
(104°30’S 47°57’E)
Trinsic Royal Bank
(93°20’S 40°51’E)
Trinsic Stablery
(98°20’S 35°30’E)
The Trinsic Cut
(111°05’S 47°36’E)
Adventurer’s Clothing
(107°24’S 46°37’E)
Trinsic Healer
(104°30’S 41°33’E)
Trinsic Meeting Hall
(95°42’S 41°24’E)
The Rusty Anchor
(104°30’S 49°42’E)
(101°20’S 37°03’E)
Travellers Inn
(98°26’S 36°25’E)
Trinsic Fine Skins
(108°59’S 47°23’E)
The Keg and Anchor
(102°34’S 43°31’E)
Trinsic Training Hall
+ Training dummies
(99°13’S 48°43’E)
The Pearl of Trinsic
(104°35’S 40°38’E)
(1901, 2814, 0)
Brotherhood of Trinsic
+ Training dummies
(97°44’S 43°31’E)
Britannia Provisions
(103°21’S 37°07’E)
Sons of the Sea
(107°08’S 50°12’E)
(2037, 2843, 0)
Honorable Arms
+ Training dummies
(101°15’S 42°53’E)
Tinkers Guild
(93°30’S 37°24’E)
Shining Path Armory
+ Forge
(91°24’S 40°30’E)
Counselor’s Guild
(107°03’S 40°17’E)
(95°58’S 34°31’E)
Encyclopedia Magicka
(95°21’S 37°11’E)
Other Points of Interest
(116°22’S 35°30’E)
(96°19’S 49°38’E)
Mess Hall
(93°46’S 43°52’E)
(94°39’S 43°18’E)
(94°02’S 43°14’E)
(94°07’S 44°43’E)
(110°18’S 49°42’E)
Southern Gate
(Smugglers Gate)

(113°28’S 47°48’E)

Last modified: April 11, 2011

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