Grand Atlas – Royal City, Ter Mur

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Royal City

Home of the Gargoyle Queen of Ter-Mur.



166.48S x 41.29W –  Music Hall.

163.18S x 41.7W – Inn

159.41S x 43.1W  – Tent Tavern & Flight Tower

157.30S x 46.7W – Museum

156.26S x 41.3W  – Queen’s Palace

154.4S x 40.25W  – Queen’s Soulforge

158.49S x 37.49W – Jeweler

158.54S x 37.11W – Ter Mur Soulforge

161.37S x 38.19W  – Scribe & library

162.46S x 38.27W –  Alchemist

163.33S x 38.19W  – Mage Shop

163.44S x 37.58W  – Healer

163.44 S 36.54W – Provisioner

163.44S x 36.16W – Baker

161.43S x 35.38W – Butcher

160.18S x 36 50W – Farmer’s Market

159.41S x 35.51W – Tinker

158.33S x 35.47W – Stone Crafter

158.1S x 36.4W – Blacksmith

156.31S x 36 25W – Tailor

154.57S x 36.0W – Tanner

151.47S x 34.18W – Mystic Hall

157.35S x 33.7W – Stable

160.8S x 33.28W – Bank

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