Grand Atlas – Papua

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Swamp City


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Britain Buccaneer’s Den Cove Delucia Gargoyle Jhelom Magincia Minoc Moonglow

Nujel’m Ocllo Papua Serpent’s Hold Skara Brae Trinsic Vesper Wind Yew

Merchant Locations
The Reagent Shoppe

(8°10’S 15°7’W)

Strange Rocks

(3°4’S 18°33’W)

The Revenge Shoppe

(..°..’S ..°..’W)

Tricks of the Trade

(8°10’S 14°29’W)

Nature’s Best Baked Goods

(8°36’S 13°25’W)

Adventure Outfitters

(13°42’S 13°42’W)

Ye Olde Loan & Savings

(2°27’S 18°16’W)

Pier 39

(..°..’S ..°..’W)

Southside Butchery

(15°38’S 16°44’W)

Southside Stables

(15°12’S 18°4’W)

The Carpentry House

(8°42’S 16°14’W)


(13°47’S 12°26’W)

The Healing Hand

(9°13’S 13°42’WE)

Tinker’s Paradise

(12°7’S 41°41’W)

The Just Inn

(5°37’S 11°44’W)

Other Points of Interest
Passage to Moonglow Mage shop

(7°22’S 14°3’W)

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