Grand Atlas – Delucia

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Lost Lands City

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Dim: 462×400 – Size: 87k

Dim: 454×412 – Size: 54k
Britain Buccaneer’s Den Cove Delucia Gargoyle Jhelom Magincia Minoc Moonglow
Nujel’m Ocllo Papua Serpent’s Hold Skara Brae Trinsic Vesper Wind Yew
Merchant Locations
Ye Olde Eleventh Bank
(77°4’S 46°41’W)
Hut o’ Magics
(76°33’S 45°16’W)
Zoot’s Hammer
(78°50’S 49°51’W)
The Supply Depot
(79°43’S 50°33’W)
(77°31’S 51°57’W)
(77°52’S 44°55’W)
The Barely Inn
(83°29’S 51°23’W)
(80°30’S 49°25’W)
Other Points of Interest
Passage to Trinsic
(83°35’S 55°11’W)

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