Translated Gargoyle Journal

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by Velis

This text has been translated from a gargoyle’s journal following his capture and subsequent reeducation – Velis

I write this in the hopes that someday a soul of pure heart and mind will read it. We are not the evil beings that our cousin gargoyles have made us out to be. We
consider them uncivilized and they have no concept of the Principles. To you who read this, I beg for your help in saving my brethren and preserving my race. We stand at the edge of
destruction as does the rest of the world. Once it was written law that we would not allow the knowledge of our civilization to spread into the world, now we are left with little
choice…contact the outside world in the hopes of finding help to save it or becoming the unwilling bringers of its damnation. I fear my capture is certain, the controllers grow ever
closer to my hiding place and I know if they discover me, my fate will be as that of my brothers.

Although we resisted with all our strength, it is now clear that we must have assistance or our people will be
gone. And if our oppressor achieves his goals our race will surely be joined by others.

Those of us who have not yet been taken hope to open a path from the outside world into the city. We believe we have found weak areas in the mountains that we can
successfully knock through with our limited supplies. We will have to work quickly and the risk of being discovered is great, but no choice remains…


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