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All books in these lists are permanent and found on all shards. In addition to these listed there are countless books written by players thoughout the years.

Volumes Relating to Ultima Lore

The Lost Lands

The Journals of the Cursed of Khaldun

Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge

A Welcome, by Lord Blackthorn (Found in the corpses of Blackthorn Betrayers)

Journal, by Kabur (Found on a table in Blackthorn’s castle in Ilshenar)
Gargoyle Journal, translated by Velis (Found on a table in Blackthorn’s castle in Ilshenar)
Journal, by Fropoz (Found on a table in Blackthorn’s castle in Ilshenar)

Mondain’s Legacy

Charger of the Fallen, by Fylwyn (Found on a table in West Britain Library)

The Prisoner’s Journal, by Derek (No longer spawning, relates to the Candle of Love event)

Stealable In Game Books

These can be stolen from bookcases throughout Sosaria, or purchased from provisioners, however the provisioners sell a random title from the list. The book you buy may not be the same title as is on the vendor’s selling list.

Virtue, by Lord British
A politic call to anarchy, by Lord Blackthorn
On the diversity of our land, by Lord Blackthorn
Beltran’s guide to guilds, by Beltran
Classic tales of Vesper: Volume 1, edited by Clarke’s Printery
Dimensional travel: A monograph, by Dryus Doost
Treatise on alchemy, by Felicia Hierophant
Classic children tales: Volume one, by Guilhem (not currently spawning)
Classic children tales: Volume two, by Guilhem
Talking to wisps, by Heigel of Moonglow
Britannian flora: A casual guide, by Herbert the Lost
The rankings of trades, by Lord Higginbotham
The wild girl of the forest, by Horace
A tale of three tribes, by Janet
The burning of Trinsic, by Japheth
The Fight, by M. De La Garza
A primer on arms, by Martin
Deceit: A dungeon of horrors, by Mercenary Justin
The bold stranger, by Old Fabio the Poor
The major trade associations, by Pieter of Vesper
Ethical hedonism: An introduction, by Richard Garriott
A song of Samlethe, by Sandra
The life of a traveling ministrel, by Sarah of Yew
My story, by Sherry the mouse
Regarding llamas, by Simon Sanmartine
Birds of Britannia, by Thoma th’ Heathen
Taming dragons, by Wyrd Beastmaster
A grammar of orcish, by Yorick of Yew
Phonemes of the orcish tongue, by Yorick of Yew (Not currently spawning)
Quest of the Virtues, by Autenil (Volume 1)
Quest of the Virtues, by Autenil (Volume 2)
The Shattering, by Nystul

Books from Ter Mur

Alice in Wonderland
Baldwin’s Big Book of Baking
The Book of Administration
The Book of Circles
The Book of Family
The Book of Prosperity
The Book of Spirituality
The Book Of The Underworld
The Caverns of Freitag
The Codex of Infinite Wisdom
Crossbow Markmanship
Dilzal’s Almanac of Good Advice
The First Age of Darkness
Hubert’s Hair Raising Adventure
Knights of Legend, Volume I
Kodeks Benmontas
Kodeks Benommani
Kodeks Destermur
Kodeks Kir
Kodeks Rit
Kodeks Zen
Logbook of the Empire
The Lost Book of Mantras
Of Dreams And Visions
Plans for The Construction of A Hot Air Balloon
Plant Lore
The Quest of the Avatar
The Second Age of Darkness
Snilwit’s Big Book of Boardgame Strategy
Tangled Tales
The Third Age of Darkness
Treatise on the Lore of Gargoyles
Warriors of Destiny
The Wizard of Oz
Ye Lost Art of Ballooning

Order of the Dragonfish

Order of the Dragonfish Handbook, Part 1
Order of the Dragonfish Handbook, Part 2
Order of the Dragonfish Handbook, Part 3
Order of the Dragonfish Handbook, Part 4
Order of the Dragonfish Handbook, Part 5
Miscellaneous Books
Romantic Selections I

Romantic Selections II

Romantic Selections III

(bought from Francis the Chapman at Lord British’s Conservatory of Music in Britain)

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  1. It’s probably worth mentioning that many (most, all?) of the in-game books come in multiple languages. It seems the language setting of the first client to open a book sets the text for everyone after for that particular book. I’ve seen the Dragonfish, Khaldun, and Ter Mur books in English and Japanese versions, don’t know if Korean, Chinese, German, etc might also exist.


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