The ranking of trades

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by Lord Higginbotham

Whilst ’tis true that within each trade, on(e) finds differing titles and accolades granted to the members of a given guild, nonetheless for the betterment of trade and understanding, we must have a commonality of titling.

For those who may find themselves ignorant of the finer distinctions between a three-knot member o(f?) the Sailors’ Maritime Association and a second thaumaturge, this book shall serve as a simple introduction to the common cant used when members of differing guilds and trade organizations must trade with each other and must establish relative credentials.

Has shown interest in learning the craft and some meager talent.

Is practicing basic skills but has not bee(n) admitted to full standing.

A student of the discipline.

Warrented to practice the discipline under the eyes of a tutor.

A full member of the guild.

A member of the guild qualified to teach others.

Acknowledged as qualified to lead a hall or business.

Rarely a permanent title, granted in common parlance to those who have shown extreme mastery of their craft recently

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