The major trade associations

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by Pieter of Vesper

There are ten major trade associations that operate legitimately in the lands of Britannia and among its trading partners. Many of these guilds are divided into local or specialty subguilds, who use the same colors but vary the heraldic pattern. There are many lesser trade associations that have closed membership, and one can join only by invitation. “Beltran’s Guide to the Guilds” is the definitive text on the fulll range of guilds and other associations in Britannia, and I heartily recommend it.

In what follows I have attempted to bring together the known information regarding these guilds. I offer thee the name, typical membership, heraldic colors, known specialty organizaitons within the larger guild, and any known affiliations to other guilds, which often occur because of trade reasons.

League of Rangers
Members: rangers, bowyers, animal trainers
Colors: Red, gold, and blue

The Guild of Arcane Arts
Members: alchemists and wizards
Colors: blue and purple
Subguilds: Illusionists, Mages, Wizards
Affiliations: Healer’s Guild

The Warrior’s Guild
Members: mercenaries, soldiery, guardsmen, weapons masters, paladins
Colors: Blue and red
Subguilds: Cavalry, Fighters, Warriors
Affiliations: League of Rangers

Merchant’s Association
Members: innkeepers, taverners, jewelers, provisioners
Colors: gold coins on a green field for Merchants, White & green for others
Subguilds: Barters, Provisioners, Traders, Merchants

Guild of Healers
Members: Healers
Colors: Green, gold, and purple
Affiliations: Guild of Arcane Arts

Mining Cooperative
Members: miners
Colors: blue and black checkers, with a gold cross
Affiliations: Order of Engineers

Order of Engineers:
Members: tinkers and engineers
Colors: Blue, gold, and purple vertical bars
Affiliations: Mining Cooperative

Society of Clothiers
Members: tailors and weavers
Colors: purple, gold, and red horizontal bars

Maritime Guild
Members: fishermen, sailors, mapmakers, shipwrights
Colors: blue and white
Subguilds: Fishermen, Sailors, Shipwrights

Bardic Collegium:
Members: bards, musicians, storytellers
Colors: Purple, red, and gold checkerboard

In addition to these aboveboard guilds, there is one other covert organization well known to exist, whose membership is likewise open to those who seek to apply. In some places where illegal activities are condoned more openly, they dare post their sigils publicly.

No law-abiding citizen would ever join a guild such as this, of course! Yet their existence must be acknowledged of the sake of completeness.

Society of Thieves
Members: beggers, cutpurses, assassins, and brigands
Colors: Red and black
Subguilds: Rogues (beggars), Assassins, Thieves

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