The bold stanger

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by Old Fabio the Poor

In a time before time, the Gods that Be assembled a group of artisans, craftsmen and lore masters (for, yes, even in those days, art existed) to create the world of Sosaria. To this group, the gods gave a tiny world, Rytabul, in which to test their works, to see if they were of the quality desired for the true world in which they would be placed. And though the gods were tight fisted with their gold, this small crew worked hard and long, and were happy in their tasks.

A small corner of Rytabul had been claimed by the artisan Selrahc the Slow. Though he was not the fastest of the assembled workers, the gods smiled upon his work, even presenting him with a mystic talisman proclaiming his work the best among the newer artisans. And so Selrahc went about his business, creatin (sic) hundreds of designs which would one day add color and variety to Sosaria.

One day a stranger appeared to Selrahc. His chest was bare and he wore the trousers of the brightest green, and wherever he went, plants grew in his footsteps. This caused Selrahc no en (sic) of trouble, the stranger always looking over his shoulder, and the plants sprouting in places Selrahc required to ply his art. And so Selrahc approached the stranger and bade him speak. But this man in green remained silent. Selrahc pleaded with the stranger to give his name, and would he please leave Selrahc to his work. But this mysterious stranger remained mute.

This angered Selrahc mightily. Who was this silent man, interfering with tasks the gods themselves had entrusted to Selrahc? In an attempt to embarass this interloper, Selrahc stole his green trousers, leaving him naked and open to comments about his very manhood, and still the stranger would not speak, would not leave this tiny corner of Rytabul.

Vexed to his very limits, Selrahc took his war axe and smote the silent one mightily, again and again, until the silent stranger ran away, having never said a word, and never showed himself in Rytabul again.

Thus endeth the tale of the bold stranger.

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