Quest of the Virtues – Volume 2

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by Autenil

Volume 2

Chapter 13: Sacrifice

“The courage to give of oneself in the name of love.”  Usually you give something that you hold dear to help out someone in need.   Whether this is giving gold or equipment to a young adventurer or giving up fame to release a creature from bondage, Sacrifice is an action that should always come from the heart.  the Ankh of Sacrifice is stained red with the blood of those who have given their lives to help others.  Beautiful flowers abound as loved ones honor the graves of the ones they hold dear.  May we all be ready and willing to sacrifice that which is important to ourselves to help those less fortunate.

Chapter 14: Highway to Compassion

The Shrine of Sacrifice is located a fair distance Northeast of the beautiful seatown of Vesper.  Tonight I will stay in the Ironwood Inn on the Southwest corner of Vesper.  I wake up refreshed and eager to continue my journey.  I thank the innkeeper for my fine room and head West out of town towards the Shrine of Compassion.  Through peaceful forests I came and stopped fast at the desert of Compassion.  Crossing this lake of sand teaming with venomous and foul creatures would be difficult at best.  The temptation to tame a few Giant Scorpions to protect me was overwhelming, but would violate the Rules of my Quest.  I grab my cleaver from my backpack in an attempt to scare away the beasts with its menaciing stare.  So as thus I set foot into this wasteland of sand, praying to the gods to assist me in my dash to the Shrine of Compassion.  Although snakes were easily dispatched with my cleaver (even with my lack of skill with the blade), Sand Vortexes were more of a problem.  Many times did they chase me away and quickly did they follow me across the sand. T’would be a game of cunning to reach my beloved Shrine.  finally the cursed Sand Vortex was dumbfounded as to reaching me through the house blocking his way.  A snake gave a good fight by biting me and injecting his venom.  I showed Compassion upon the creature and allowed it to leve as I ran quickly to my destination, the Shrine of Compassion.

Chapter 15: Compassion

Compassion is to bestow aid upon those less fortunate than you are.  I cannot help but think of the many prisoners I have encountered in the wild, bound by a savage band of orcs or bandits.  May we all strive to help those in need, those that we can help.  For someday we may be in need ourselves and will undoubtedly desire Compassion from our fellow man.

Chapter 16: Following the Way of Justice

The Shrine of Justice, my final destination, lies further West of Compassion.  Eager to complete my journey, I travel on, the excitement of impending completion causing me to forget my weariness.  Out of sheer curiosity I paid a visit to the Shrine of Chaos, a foul place for only the evil.  No more will I speak of it here.  Along the road I came across a fellow traveler who goes by the name of Dexter.  After speaking with him for a good time I told him of my Quest and my desire for Knighthood within my Guild.  I bade him to seek out the Virtues ans wished him good day as I continued on my Quest.  My steps turned North through dense forestry as I seek Justice.  The Shrine of Justice was guarded by a Troll, an Ogre and a Headless One.  Far more than a match for me and my poor cleaver. I must pay my devotion quickly and run from these bloodthirsty foes.

Chapter 17: Justice

In today’s world it seems as though more and more people are turning to the mindless slaying of innocents for pleasure.  We who are innocent must take great offense at this and stand up for what is right.  These murderers should be brought to swift justice and their possessions given to the poor for their crimes.  As I was telling Dexter, I could not bring myself to slay an innocent without provocation.  It’s just not who I am.  I love the truth of goodness and must uphold it, taking up arms if necessary.

Chapter 18: The Journey Home

So from this final Shrine I turn my road Southward back to the town of Skara Brae, for there will my Quest be complete.  The road from the Shrine of Justice to Skara Brae is quite long. Through dense forests and over long winding roads is the journey travelled.  Finally I arrived back at the bank of Skara Brae.  It is here that I pen this final chapter of my Quest.  May those that read this Journal gain knowledge of the Virtues and strive to follow them in their actions and life.  If this is to be your Quest as well.  I wish you godspeed and safe journeys.

Ranger Knight
The Defenders of Virtue.

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