Knights Of Legend, Volume 1

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Once, in the kingdom of Ashtalarea, there was a great war. For a time it seemed the forces of evil would triumph, but through the valiant efforts of Seggallion, the greatest knight inthe land, the forces of the dark lord Pildar were finally driven back and defeated. All was well for a time, but years later Pildar had grown powerfull again.
From his dark tower he wove his evil schemes, and managed to capture the Duke, and the great knight Seggallion as well.
With his greatest foe out of the way, he was prepared once more to set out on campaign of conquest.
In these troubled times, a party of great heroes arose.
After many perilous adventures they finally won their way to Seggallion’s prison and set him free.
They then set forth to discover what had become of the Duke…

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