Kabur’s Journal

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by Kabur

The Campaign to slaughter the meer goes well. Although they seem to oppose the forces of ours at every turn, we still defeat them in combat. Spies of the Meer have been
found and slain outside of the fortress of ours. The fools underestimate us. We have the power of Lord Exodus behin us. Soon they will learn to serve the Juka and I shall carry the head
of the wench, Dasha, for all warriors to share triumph under.

One of the warriors of the Juka died today. During the training of ours he spoke out in favor of the warriors of the Meer, saying that they were indeed powerful and
would provide a challenge to the Juka. A Juka in fear is no Juka. I gave him death of a coward outside battle.

More spies of the Meer have been found around the fortress of ours. Many have been seen and escaped warriors of ours. Those who have been captured and tortured have
revealed nothing to us, even when subject to the spells of the females. I know the Meer mus thave plans against us if they send so many spies. I may send troops of the juka to invade the
camp of theirs as a warning.

I have met Dasha in battle this day. The efforts of her to draw me into a black duel were foolish. Had we not been interrupted in the cave I would have ended the life
of hers but that will have to wait for another battle. Lord Exodus ordered more patrols around the fortress of ours. If Dasha is any indication strike soon.

More Meer stood outside the fortress of ours then i have ever seen at once. They must seek vengeance for the devastation of their forrest. Many Juka stand ready at the
base of the mounatain to face the forces of theirs but today may be the final battle. Exodus has summoned me, I must prepare.

Dusk has passed and the Juka now live in a new age, a later
time. I have just returned from exploring the new world that
surrounds the fortress of the Juka. During the attack of the
meer the madman Adranath tried to destroy the fortress of
ours with great magic. At once he was still and light surrounded
the fortress. Everything faded from view. When i regained
the senses of mine I saw no sign of the Meer but Dasha. She
has not been found since this new being, Blackthorn, blasted
her from the top of the fortress. The forrest was gone now
replaced by grasslands. In the far distance i could see humans
that had covered the bodies of theirs in marks. Even Gargoyles
populated this place. Exodus has explained to me that the
Juka and the fortress of ours had been pulled forward in time.
The world we knew is now a thousand years in the past. Lord
Exodus says he has saved the Juka from extinction, I do not
want to believe him. I asked this stranger about the Meer
but he tells me a new enemy remains to be destroyed. It seems
the enemies of ours have passed away to dust like the forrest.


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