Fropoz’s Journal

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by Fropoz

    I have done as my Master has instructed me.

    The painted humans have been driven into Britannia and are even now wreaking havoc across the land, providing us with the distraction my Master requested. We have
provided them with the masks necessary to defeat the orcs, thus causing even more distress for the people of Britannia. The unsuspecting fools are too busy dealing with the orc hordes to
continue their exploration of our lands. We are safe…for now.


    The attacks continue exactly as planned. My Master is pleased with my work and we are closer to our goals than ever before.
The gargoyles have proven to be more troublesome than we first anticipated, but I believe we can subjugate them fully given enough time. It’s unfortunate that we did not discover
their knowledge sooner. Even now they prepare our armies for battle, but not without resistance. Now that some of them know of the other lands and of humans, they will double their
efforts to seek help. This cannot be allowed.


    Damn them!! The humans proved more resourceful than we thought them capable of. Already their homes are free of orcs and savages and they once again are treading in our
lands. We may have to move sooner than we thought. I will prepare my brethren and our golems. Hopefully, we can buy our Master some more time before the humans discover us.


    It’s too late. The gargoyles who have evaded our capture have opened the doors to our land. They pray the humans will help them, despite the actions of their
cousins in Britannia. I fear they are right. I must go to warn the master…


Last modified: May 12, 2011

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