Beltran’s guide to guilds

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by Beltran

This reference work is intended merely to serve as a resource for those curious as to the full range of trades and societies extant in Britannia and nearby nations. For each trade or guild, their blazon is given.

Armourer’s Guild. Gold bar above black bar.
Association of Warriors. Blue cross on a red field.
Barters’ Guild. Green and white stripes, diagonal.
Blacksmith’s Guild. Gold alongside black.
Federation of Rogue and Beggars. Red above black.
Fighters and Footmen. Blue horizontal bar on red field.
Guild of Archers. A gold swath parting red and blue.
Guild of Armaments. Swath of gold on black field, gold accents.
Guild of Assassins. Black and red quartered.
Guild of Barbars. Red and white stripes.
Guild of Cavalry and Horse. Vertical blue on a red field.
Guild of Fishermen. Blue and white, quartered.
Guild of Mages. Purple and blue, in a crossed pennant pattern.
Guild of Provisioners. White bar above green bar.
Guild of Sorcery. A field divided diagonally in blue and purple.
Healer’s Guild. Gold swath dividing green from purple, gold accents.
Lord British’s Healers of Virtue. Golden ankh on dark green.
Masters of Illusion. Blue and purple checkers.
Merchant’s Guild. Gold coins on green field.
Mining Cooperative. A gold cross, quartering blue and black.
Order of Engineers. Purple, gold, and blue vertical.
Sailors’ Maritime Association. A white bar centered on a blue field.
Seamen’s Chapter. Blue and white in a crossed pennant pattern.
Society of Cooks and Chefs. White and red diagonal fields checker on green field.
Society of Shipwrights. White diagonal above blue.
Society of Thieves. Black and red diagonal stripes.
Society of Weaponsmakers. Gold diagonal above black.
Tailor’s Hall. Purple above gold above red.
The Bardic Collegium. Purple and red checkers on gold field.
Trader’s Guild. White bar centered down green field.

Last modified: May 12, 2011

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