A tale of three tribes

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by Janet, scribe

The dungeon known as Despise is in fact not a dungeon as such, but rather a large natural cave. Inhospitable and unfriendly to visitors, it is filled with damp spots where the deadly Exploding Red Spotted Toadstool grows in abundance.

According to the oldest of historical texts, in days gone by the cave was once the home of three separate tribes who had come to an accommodation with each other. Oddly enough, the three tribes were of dragons, lizard men, and rat men. While today few except extremists associated with Lord Blackthorn regard these latter two as being intelligent beings, apparently they have indeed fallen from a more evolved state over the years.

‘Tis said that these three races did dwell in relative harmony within the vast cave, building when they required it, and trading amongst themselves if needed.

But over time, something happened, and they were forced to withdraw from their society, until today thou mayst find individuals of each species within the dungeon, but never again as a civilization.

‘Tis also said that someday the three tribes may return to Despise, to once again inhabit it together.

Until then, nothing remains as a token of this save an oddly intelligent skeleton, magically enchanted, that doth speak when questions are asked, and from whom I obtained these tales one day, when I was pursued by evil monsters and fled into his skeletal arms.

Fortunately, I escaped and lived to write it all down!


Last modified: May 14, 2011

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