A song of Samlethe

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by Sandra

The first bear did swim by day,
And it did sleep by night,
It kept itself within its cave
and ate by starry light.

The second bear it did cavort
‘Neath canopies of trees,
And danced its odd bearish sort
Of joy for all to see.

The first bear, well, ’twas hunted,
And today adorns a floor.
Its ruggish face has been dented
By footfalls and the door.

The second bear did step once
Into a mushroom ring,
And now does dance the dunce
For wisps and unseen things.

So do not dance, and do not sleep,
Or else be led astray
For bears all end up six feet deep
At the end of Samlethe’s day.


Last modified: May 14, 2011

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