Last Minute Holiday Gifts and Decor

December 17, 2011 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News


This morning I was going through my letterbox and to my surprise there was a marked rune to a holiday decorated plot. I was in the Christmas mood as I had stopped by the Hall in Brit to see how our wonderful EMs decorated for the season and they pulled out all the stops. The rooftop was covered with creatures and a sleigh but no Santa. Once again a Flying Piglet was in Santa’s place. Piglets show up this time of year however they avoid me. Only twenty could be found last year and not a one came my way. This year rumor has it they are blue and once again no Flying Piglet for Lady Lava. Just a few days ago when I was on Santa’s lap at the MOA Ice Castle yearly event I told the jolly old man a Flying Piglet was top on my list. I have been a good girl this year but I guess not good enough.

Great Lakes EMs displaying holiday decorating skills


It seems every year one player or more sets up a free honor system of gift giving / taking. The marked rune in my letterbox this morning took me to such a place. Cords are 42o 6’N, 41o 12’E  The plot is in full holiday mode with gift boxes under the tree accessed to everyone. If you are in need you are welcome to take and if you are able to give just drop items in the boxes. This set up often helps new/young players and it has the true meaning of Christmas written all over it.

Deborah’s Holiday Plot


Gift boxes under the tree are accessed to everyone



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  1. Event Horizon says:

    Hi Lava, all looks good, but i have another house for you to look at. I left a rune and book in your box at your east luna house :-)