The King’s Collection

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The King’s Collection is a theme pack purchasable from Origin Store consisting of decor and furniture items for home owners.  Special items are obtained by using the theme pack code in the ‘promotions’ section of the help menu after the code has been used to upgrade the relevant account in the Accounts Management pages.
These items can be dyed using a furniture dye tub, natural dyes from plants or Tokuno dyes. This is illustrated by the red color of the Four Post Bed and the yellow Fluffy Sponge.

Entering the promotion code will place a token in the character’s back pack. When double clicked this token is replaced by the token box, containing the items pictured below in deed form, in the character’s bank box. Be sure there is enough space in the bank box before activating the token

The pack also includes entitlement for crafters to make additional items, these can be found in our items database. Links to these entries are provided below the table.

The King’s Collection
token_boxTheToken Box
fire_paintingFire Painting
Gives Random SoT
15thanni_tapestry15th Anniversary painting ship_paintingShip Painting
Gives Heavy Powder Charge
horse_paintingHorse Painting castle_paintingCastle Painting bull_tapestryBull Tapestry embroidered_tapestryEmbroidered Tapestry.
bird_lampBird Lamp dragon_lanternDragon Lantern tall_lamptall lamp koi_lampKoi Lamp
barrel_spongeBarrel Sponge
Gives Rare Potions
cactus_spongeCactus Sponge fluffy_spongefluffy sponge shelf_spongeshelf sponge
marble_tablemarble table alchemists_bookshelfalchemists Bookshelf Monastery_bellMonastery Bell gold_tablegold table
4post_bed4 post bed ornate_bedornate bed

Craftable Items

Alchemy (Glassblowing)

  • Workable Glass
    A resource used in crafting the three lamps listed below



Last modified: June 26, 2013

2 Comments to “The King’s Collection”

  1. wendy davidsen says:

    hey i have a carpenter/tinker etc but i cant make all i want becouse i dont have the kings collection, i have tryed to see if i can buy it from origin store but it isent there. do you know where i can buy it from? please i have looked everywhere for it. i play on styian abyss. love “tinkerbell” :)

  2. Shannon says:

    How the heck do you collect things from these paintings? They have been put up in my house and u cant lock em down but when i dble click it, it says it has to be in your house to use it!!! ugh
    Anyone know? Is this another stupid glitch or somethng?


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