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Holiday Items
Decay Warning!!: Some items are ‘newbied‘ meaning that they cannot be stolen or looted, however, they will decay quickly (i.e. death robes) if left outside a container, even if locked down. These items are safe to display inside containers. The best way to tell if an item is “newbied” is to use the Item ID skill on it. Newbied items will report a value of 0 gold coins when you use the Item ID skill on them. All other items have a value above 0 gold coins. Please note, Item ID wands do not report the value of the item.
Blessed: These items cannot be looted or stolen. As with all blessed items it is important to leave the item in your main backpack. Placing a blessed gift in a container inside your backpack will make the item susceptible to thieves as they can steal the container with the blessed item inside.
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Ticket Systems
Item Name Description Weight
New Player Tickets
a ticket deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes ‘This is half a prize ticket! Double-click this ticket and target any other ticket marked NEW PLAYER and get a prize! This ticket will only work for YOU, so don’t give it away!’ when properly used, they would yield: 1
a sextant sextant.gif - 951 Bytes not rare, craftable with tinker skill 1
a coupon for a free hair restyling deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes can be used only once to change a characters’s hairstyle
see also: Holiday Items, December 1998
a piece of ranger armor rangerarmor.gif - 2180 Bytes one random piece of deep green studded leather, each piece says something like ‘a studded tunic, ranger armor’, all 5 pieces together give 13 armor class, * items weigh same as regular studded
see also: Holiday Items, December 1998
a fireworks wand wand.gif - 945 Bytes see also: December 1997, December 1998,September 1999, December 1999 and October 2003 1
a spyglass spyglass.gif - 980 Bytes no longer a rare item, can be crafted with tinkering skill, double clicking on a spyglass will give the current phase of the moons
see also: Holiday Items, December 1998
dyes and a dye tub not rare, can be purchased from npc tailors
“Clean up Brittania” Ticket Barrel System
Small Ticket Items
Hair Dye hairdye.gif - 995 Bytes These hair dyes of unusual color will allow you to permanently change your hair color. One use only. (10,000 tickets)
Special Beard Dye hairdye.gif - 995 Bytes These hair dyes of unusual color will allow you to permanently change your facial hair color only. One use only. (10,000 tickets)
a coupon for a free hair restyling deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes This deed will allow you to permanently change your hair style. One use only. (30,000 tickets)
Facial Hair Change Cream deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes This deed will allow you to permanently change your facial hair style. May only be used on male characters and has one use only. (30,000 tickets)
Medium Ticket Items
Singing Crystal Ball crystalball.gif - 1097 Bytes This crystal ball plays random sounds within the game. It will only work when locked down and will play songs only to other players who are nearby. To turn on the crystal ball, it must be double-clicked and then locked down. (100,000 tickets) 1
Furniture Dye Tub These dye tubs will allow you to partially change the color of certain furniture such as chairs and tables. You can change the hue of the tub with regular dyes. The tub has unlimited uses. (100,000 tickets) 10
Phoenix Armor A random piece of red ring armor. As these pieces are random, it is possible to be awarded a duplicate prize. (100,000 tickets) note: this armor actually appears orange,
* weight is same as regular ring armor and nose helm
Mini Monster Statues
Crocodile Daemon Dragon Earth Elemental Ettin Gargoyle Gorilla Liche Lizard Man Ogre Orc Ratman Skeleton Troll
One of 14 random small statues that come in a variety of shapes and colors and will emit monstrous sounds when approached. They can be placed in houses. To turn on a mini monster statue, you must double click it while it is not locked down. To then activate the statue, place it in your house and lock it down. As these are random, it is possible to be awarded a duplicate prize. (100,000 tickets) 1
Large Ticket Items
Bless Deed deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes This deed will allow you to “bless” one item to ensure that it can never be stolen or looted. This deed will not work on keys, containers and stackable items. The item to be blessed must be either in your backpack, or currently worn or equipped. This is a one use only item. (500,000 – tickets); 1
Chapter One: Holiday and Ticket System ItemsThe Holiday items page is the first installment a very ambitious quest to classify and catalog rare items in UO. As a merchant, and an amateur rare items collector, I had noticed the need for a comprehensive and updated list of rare items in UO. Of course, there is no better place to publish such a catolog, then Stratics. I requested, and was granted permission from Xena Dragon to update the Rare Items list in the Item Catalog.Classification: I followed the same guidelines as Zamboni Driver in the Stratics Merchant Essay. I have classified rare items into the following Basic Categories:
Unique items are quest items, there is usually only one per shard or an item might be unique to a specific shard. Examples would be Storm Staff or statue of Horace the Mage (both quest items from early days of UO on GL).
Rare items aka True Rares usually refers to ‘server birth’ items that were intended to decorate the world, but were ‘collected’ by players over time by various methods. They can also be items that used to spawn but don’t any longer (wigs, furs, no draw tiles), and items that were Holiday Gifts or from Ticket Systems. Items that are ore were created by bugs/exploits can be considered true rares if they can no longer be found/created.
Semi Rare items spawn at regular intervals and have three basic types: 1- as loot on monsters or NPCs (plate of cookies, some types of necromancy reagents, colored sandals) 2- must be stolen from containers inside guard zones (food items, square tool kits, rolling pins) or 3-are found just laying around in dungeons or other locations outside guard zones (skull candles, bloody water bowls, broken chairs). I will also include shipwreckitems in the semi rare category.
Items that are not considered rare are basically all the rest of the items in UO that can be bought from NPCs or made by players. Some items commonly thought to be semi rare but can acutally be purchased or made are ‘wrong facing’ bandages, bowl of flour with rolling pin, beads, and spyglass.Pricing:I have not attempted to put monetary value on these items because everygood merchant knows that items are worth whatever patrons will pay for them.Sources:My two main sources in rare items research were the Mastersage website and rare items message board (no longer in existence) and the Markee Dragon Rare Items pages and message board. Special thanks to the individual Rare Item Experts that helped me on this project, Ramirez, GM Rare Items Hunter from, Dot Warner, Mayor of Arcodia and Proprietor of the Etheral Emporium on Great Lakes, Ryak, Proprietor of the Sandlewood Box on Great Lakes, and Honey of the Fishing Council of Brittania.I hope this helps to provide information to both merchants and patrons, and promote fair and happy trading,
Heather-GL Guildmistress, Cove Merchant’s Guild, Great Lakes, Ultima Online
December 2008

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