Holiday Items 2000 – 2003

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February 2000 – St. Valentine’s Day
Item Name Description Weight
A Whispering Rose rose.gif - 1208 Bytes ‘A Whispering Rose from (character name)’ 1
A full bottle of Pink Champagne pinkchampagne2.gif - 953 Bytes note: this bottle of champagne is more pink in color than that of February 1999, which is a bit more purple 1
December 2000
Item Name Description Weight
Holiday Prize Ticket deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes ‘This is a prize ticket! It will only work for YOU, so don’t give it away!’ when used, they would yield one choice of the following: 1
Holiday Bells deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes A random bell. Each bell plays one of 14 random sound when double-clicked, says which one of the 22 Development Team members it is from when single-clicked, and is hued in one out of 15 random colors. The sounds, development member name, and colors are random for each bell selection, so there’s a total of 4620 different combinations possible. Blessed!
Sounds: Low Bell, Whales, Glass, Descend, Thump, Ricochet, Cymbal, Alien, Chimes, Drone, High Bell, Approach, Murmur, Elements . Note: These names are just something we came up with ourselves to make trading easier (i.e. “Chimes” bell for sale)
Team Members: Adrick, Alai, Bulldoz, Evocare, FierY-iCe, Greyburn, Hanse, Ignatz, Jalek, LadyMOI, Lord Krum, Malantus, Nimrond, Oaks, Prophet, Runesabre, Sage, Stellerex, T-Bone, Tajima, Tyrant and Vex
a deed for a holiday tree deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes double click the deed to place a holiday tree at your feet. You can select to place an old style or new style (see left) tree. When on Felucca, the old-style tree will not show leaves. Trees cannot be placed within three tiles of your front door and cannot be placed outside. They can only be placed by the house owner and do not need to be locked down. Blessed!
see also: December 1999
a pile of snow snow.gif - 995 Bytes To throw a snowball at another player, double-click the snow pile and target a player. Only players who have a snow pile in their backpack can be targeted in this manner. You will receive a message if the targeted player is not a valid target. There is a delay as to how often you can throw a snowball from the snow pile. The snow piles have unlimited uses. Blessed! 1
Snow Globe snow.gif - 995 Bytes The snow globe is a round orb on a small stand, that glows and has “sparkles” inside of it. The snow globes will be named “a snowy scene of {town name}”. The names of all non-player created towns will be possible within the name, and will be randomly selected. The snow globes will function as a small light source. The following names have been found: Britain, Buccaneers Den, Cove, Delucia, Empath Abbey, Jhelom, Magincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Nujel’m, Occlo, Papua, Serpent’s hold, Skara Brae, The Lycaeum, Trinsic, Vesper, Wind and Yew. Blessed! 1
December 2001
Item Name Description Weight
a pile of snow snow.gif - 995 Bytes See December 2000. Blessed! 1
a deed for a holiday tree deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes See December 2000. Blessed! 1
Snow Globe snow.gif - 995 Bytes The same type of globe as in the December 2000 gifts, but with new names. Blessed!Names: Ancient Citadel, Blackthorne’s Castle, City of Montor, City of Mistas, Exodus’ Lair, Lake of Fire, Lakeshire, Pass on Karnaugh, The Etheral Fortress, Twin Oaks Tavern
Chaos Shrine, Shrine of Humility, Shrine of Sacrifice, Shrine of Compassion, Shrine of Honor, Shrine of Honesty, Shrine of Spirituality, Shrine of Justice, Shrine of Valor.
Decorative Statuette
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
A random, specially hued, statuette. These statues are named after notable characters from Ultima Online fiction, seen as “a statue of {name}” when single-clicking the statues. The character name and colors are random for each statuette selection. There are 4 statue types, 15 colors and 37 names. Blessed!
Names: Anon, Blackthorne, Clainin, CrawWorth, Dawn, Dupre, Duryn, Finth Desryn, Geoffrey, Gilforn, G’Thunk, G’Splat, Gwenno, Halston Montil, Hartham, Iolo, Jaana, Joye, Julia, Junin Pince, Juo’nar, Katrina, Keeonean, Kyrnia, Lathiari, Mariah, Martoo Saul, Malabelle, Minax, Mondain, Nystul, Relvinian, Sage Humbolt, Shamino, Tyball, Uzeraan, Xendella Kryss
October 2003 – 6th Anniversary
Item Name Description Weight
Happy 6th Anniversary! anniversarybag.gif - 1363 Bytes Anniversary Gift Bags: a colored bag containing the following three items: 2
Birtday Bells deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes A bell with a text “Happy 6th Anniversary from [name]”. The names are designers, programmers, quality assurance, and management on the UO Live team. Blessed!
Colors have three attributes: Hue, Saturation, and Brightness. These relate directly to the dye tub interface: the column is the hue, the row is the saturation, and the slider sets the brightness. Hue is selected randomly by the system. Your Karma level determines both saturation and brightness.
There’s 200 to 1 odds of a bell getting a special rare hue that isn’t subject to the saturation/brightness alteration — and there are four special rare hues.
Names: Aardvark, Abaddon, Adrick, Aeryn, Alai, BIGtiny, Byron, Cytherea, Deathwish, Ender, Evocare, Fertbert, Greenman, Hanse, Helios, Jex, Kerowyn, Layn, Mr. Tact, Oghma, Sannio, Sunsword, Vex, Z, Zoot
a birtday cakewand.gif - 945 Bytes ‘Happy 6th Anniversary’ Blessed! 1
a fireworks wand wand.gif - 945 Bytes The fireworks wand will shoot fireworks when double-clicked. The wand has 500 charges. Blessed!
see also: December 1997, December 1998, September 1999, December 1999 and Ticket Items, New Player Tickets
December 2003
Item Name Description Weight
Gift Boxdeed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes The color of the box can be changed with a furniture dye tub. 1
Poinsettia plant deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes Decorative plant. Blessed! 1
Snowflake deed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes Decorative snowflake. Blessed! 1
Snowmandeed-ticket.gif - 1316 Bytes The color of the hat and scarf can be changed with any dye tub that can dye cloth. The Snowman comes in 53 different GM names. Blessed!
Names: Backflash, Carbon, Colbalistic, Comforl, Coppacchia, Cyrus, DannyB, DJSoul, DraconisRex, Earia, Foster, Gonzo, Haan, Halona, Hugo, Hyacinth, Imirian, Jinsol, Licatia, Loewen, Loke, Magnus, Maleki, Morpheus, Obberron, Odee, Orbeus, Pax, Phields, Pigpen, Platinum, Polpol, Prume, Quinnly, Ragnarok, Rend, Roland, RyanM, Screach, Seraph, Sherbear, Silvani, Skywalker, Snark, Sowl, Spada, Starblade, Tenacious, Tnez, Wasia, Zilo, Zippy, Zoer
(Vex, Kerowyn and Speedman occur only on Test Sosaria)
Holiday Wreath Deed deed-ticket.gif - 1316 BytesA deed for a house decoration. The color of the ribbon can be changed with any dye tub that can dye cloth. Blessed! 1

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