The Evil Furniture Collection

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Evil Home Décor Collection

Express your dark side by decorating your house with the Evil Home Décor Collection, ghoulish array of furnishings that you can use to spice up your home.

Bone Throne, Bone Couch, and Bone Table
Make a statement in your living room, a statement that says, I like my furniture to squeal when I sit on it. These handsome, handcrafted<
pieces are made of the bleached white bones of victims of various diseases, wars, tragedies and accidental deaths. Some of these bones
still have a little life left in them.
Disturbing Portrait, Unsettling Portrait, and Creepy Portrait
The art you hang in your home tells the world who you are. If you hang these three paintings, you are telling the world that you have a
heart of cold black evil. Created by Sosaria’s most disturbed painters, these three works of haunted art include: Lycanthropy,<
The Watcher, and Withering Beauty. Watch them closely, as each has its own way of watching you.
Mounted Pixies
No time to hunt for those annoyingly elusive Pixies? No problem! Mount these five real pixies on your trophy wall, their faces frozen in terror-filled grimaces. Delightful! And they squeal and beg and cry when you poke them. Tons of fun for the whole family!
Haunted Mirror
When you pass in front of this mirror, you find that your reflection is paler, greener and well, more ghostly than you remember. Could it be you need more iron in your diet? More sun maybe? But wait, that’s not you at all. That’s just the nightmarish apparition that visits your mirror when you glance into it.
And why does he have so many insulting things to say to you?
Bed of Nails
Stretch out on this gorgeous bed of razor sharp nails. Think of it as free acupuncture. Ignore the blood that seeps from your flesh as you sleep.
The nails are rust proof.
Sacrificial Altar
This is not only the perfect altar for sacrificing valuables to the dark gods, it’s also a wonderful trash disposal unit. Whenever you put an item on
the altar, a flame rises and consumes whatever is upon it.

Last modified: September 17, 2012

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