Helping the Sultan

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Contributed by Odin of Europa
Sultan Kebur needed our help again so we joined him at his palace in Nujel’m as requested.
Good evening
Thank you for coming
I have a bit.. Well. I have an issue..
And I need menly men.. and lady ladies. Which are you.
You see.. I sent a group of members from Nujelm to the Prism of Light on a little ‘mission’. Sadly, they haven’t returned..
They were trying to tame.. an exotic animal. That is all I will say
Will you all help me rescue my men

The downside is you all have to pay. The fee to enter is 10,000 gold
It goes towards.. Uh. Funds.
It is a dangerous place
The animals we were taming are of the water variety.

Inside the Prism of Light there were a few new residents.


Unfortunately, in the area with the ice elementals, the Sultan made a grizzly descovery.
I found two of them…
They died
I sent three members..
I only see two bodies..

In the final area of the dungeon we found the third member or the missing party, and what they had been searching for.
Clyde! Your alive..

The Sultan gated us all back to his palace where he discussed the feeding arrangements for the hydra’s with Clyde before thanking us all for helping and would inform us when he needed our help in the future.

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