Halloween Happenings

October 03, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

October is upon us and with that comes the Halloween Events for 2011.  The Legends community has been very active the last few days tracking down Jack-o-Lanterns and collecting the goodies they drop on their corpses.  I have also heard that the Trick or Treat activity is also active, though I have not attempted to beg for a treat myself. 


Many in the community have begun to prepare for an eventful month.  I have heard rumors of several planned Halloween parties, haunted houses and hopefully even a house deco contest. 

The search for Jack-o-Lanterns is quite simple.  Throughout Britainia one can find several crop fields.  During the autumn season these fields grow pumpkins and every now and again a Jack-o-Lantern will spawn.

 If you attempt to pick up the Jack-o-Lantern it will transform into a monster and attack you.  If you are lucky enough to dispose of the monster you can check the corpse for goodies which include candy, painted masks and probably some stuff I have not discovered yet.  The painted masks will bare the name of an EM, Moderator or another important person in the UO community.  Who will collect the most masks?  I imagine EM Miko and EM Helios painted masks will be highly sought after on Legends.

To the best of my knowledge the Trick or Treat event works as so.  A player can say “Trick or Treat” and a target cursor should appear.  Then targeting an NPC should yield one of several “treat” items or a “trick” of a nasty surprise.  Treats include food or candy but I have not received any so ask around or try yourself to discover the treats.  Tricks can include making your character bleed all over, blowing your character up (leaving body parts all over), and changing your character into another form such as a spider.  Again, these are the happenings of past events as I have not attempted to beg myself so I’m not sure if things have changed this year.   Sometimes, players with GM Begging will have a rare chance at an extra special treat item.  I invite those of you who have had success begging this season to post your findings on the forums.

I hope to see you all taking part in the festivities and look forward to participating myself.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


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