Great Lakes vs. Catskills Treasure Hunt Results

December 21, 2011 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Great Lakes vs. Catskills Treasure Hunt Results

Kai Schober

21 Dec 2011 11:17:09 EST

On Friday, December 9th, The Great Lakes Purple Llamas defeated the Catskills Blue Beetles in the Treasure Hunt Challenge! The competition at Test Center’s Nujel’m chessboard was fierce as the newcomer Llamas destroyed the Beetles’ hopes of a hat-trick.

For much of the match, Catskills was slightly ahead. Great Lakes’s bad luck in pulling a swamp map for level four turned out to be good luck for the sixth map, as it brought them back to a familiar area. As the teams returned for the final maps, EM Adris said it was “All down to this final chest!” Catskills found their chest first, Great Lakes a moment later. Catskills went with a tamer split to take down multiple guardians at once, but that left some Beetles searching for a healer. The audience waiting at the chessboard was on the edge of their seats as EM Sangria did a running countdown of the items remaining for each side. Great Lakes returned first, to cheers from the spectators!

Pack Rats of Great Lakes said, “Was a close one. Was a good fight.” Llewen Faerlyght of Catskills said, “We just had some bad luck. It happens,” and promised, “We’ll be back.” EM Elizabella congratulated both sides on their teamwork. EM Barnaby said, “It was a tight race by two good teams. A couple bad bounces both ways.” Members of both teams shook hands and thanked each other for a good battle. EM Malachi summed it up, “This race has shown the spirit of two titan teams.

Catskills – Blue Beetles:  Dr Sucio, Arwen, Haslehoff, Llewen Faerlyght, and Underpants Gnome
Great Lakes – Purple Llamas: Beryl Markham, Cire, Jakob, Of the Gargoyles, and Pack Rats

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