Governor’s Meeting 6-29-14

June 29, 2014 By: Rocko Napa Valley Category: Napa Valley News

Lord Blackthorn held a meeting of the Governors at CAstle Blackthorn this evening.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Cephas , Governor of New Magincia mentioned a forthcoming cooking contest.  Stay alert for details coming soon.

Tedley, Governor of Britain stated his support for recognition of CoF & The City of Mith.

Mastermind, Governor of Moonglow was seeking support for the Zoo.  The Zoo is in need of new creatures!

Harry, Governor of Trinsic proposed a shard-wide scavenger hunt.  He will be meeting with the governors in preparation for this event.  He also made a strong case for the recognition of CoF & The City of Mith.

Rocko, Governor of Vesper explained to King Blackthorn about the Cathedral of Fire and The City of Mith.  The importance of these institutions to Napa during the Dread-AntiDread days, the inclusion of all denizens of Napa in the two institutions and as a location for events over the years.  The request is to have special recognition for CoF & Mith for being the first player run city in UO.

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