Evolution Gone Awry!

November 19, 2011 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

Evolution Gone Awry!

    Evolution has once again gone awry as Town Criers are alerting citizens of Giant Turkey’s roaming free among the lands of Sosaria. Spotted everywhere from local moongates to player run cities these feathered beasts are just in time for the holiday season! Sparring with these gobblers on the other hand is not the weak of heart! Professor Wilson is heading up the efforts to quell this tide of yardbirds at the Moonglow Zoo.



    Killing the beasts required a bard’s song to entice the birds to fight each other leaving me safe and on the sidelines as I waited for thier timely death, this seemed the safest way to avoid thier howl and sharpened claws. Upon thier corpses were tattered map fragments and even complete maps themselves. I then found my way to Moonglow….


    Our own Professor Wilson tells a tale a nests amongst the realm, nests that can be found using tattered pieces of maps found on the corpses of the giant turkeys themselves. He goes on to employ you to search out these nests using a brush given by him to reveal there whereabouts once you’ve reached the area shown on the Orinthologist’s Map. to spek to Professor Wilson you may find him in the Zoo and say hello! Ask him for a brush before you take off as well!


    Locating the area along the map I ventured out beyond the Britain moongate to the beach along the coast, brushing about the area I found the Professor’s nest filled with three eggs and a pouch. I quickly used my axe on the eggs resembling the Giant Turkeys and left the normal one be. Inspecting the bag I found a pile of gold coins worth 3800 and a giant turkey feather! The feather works as an invis potion making the user unseeable to the naked eye.


    Help quell the tide of evolution today and slay these giant feathered menaces!

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