[EM Event] Building the Bakery

November 18, 2011 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

Rosemerry was thrilled when last we spoke…she was given her own building in East Britian to set up her bakery!

Rosemerry resided in Britian years ago, cooking for Lord British himself, and returned to her home a few months ago.

Once she got over the excitment of once again being able to bake and cook in her own place, she called upon the citizens of Origin to help realize her dreams, and help furnish her new shop.

This evening Origin gathered at the site of her new bakery, envisioning the warmth and feel of this place that Rosemerry will gladly call home.

Starting with a fresh template, Origin’s crafters were put to the task of helping her furnish the shop.

With the vision of Miyo, one of Origin’s citizens, our crafters quickly got to work, making tables, chairs and other necessities that would bring Rosemerry’s Bake Shop to life.

After several hours, we could see that Rosemerry was getting tired, and decided to stop for the evening and let her rest, while Origin continued to gather the supplies she would need for opening day.

As we said goodnight to Rosemerry, we could feel the warmth of the shop, and the happiness that she felt as she wandered into the back room and closed the door. One could almost smell the wonderful pastries and desserts that would soon fill this place, and hear the sounds of Origin coming together and enjoying what Rosemerry had to offer.


Sleep well, dear Rosemerry…soon you will have your dream realized, and Origin will always be there to help.

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