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A Guide to Champion Spawns

Beginning in December of 2008 it became possible to obtain replica and decorative items from Champion Spawns.

Each Champion has one unique replica item, a number of shared replica items and decorative items.

All equipable replicas have a durability of 150/150, they can be repaired using the appropriate skill or repair deed but Powder of Fortification cannot be used on them.

Baracoon: Fang of Rectus.
Shared: Djinni’s Ring, Detective boots, Gauntlets of Anger*, Oak Leaf Shroud
Decoration: Swamp Tiles, Slime statue.

Rikktor: Crown of Tal’keesh.
Shared: Most Knowledge Person (3 types – +3,. +4 & +5 hit points) , Brave Knight of Britannia Katana, Lieutenant’s Sash
Decoration: Lava Tiles, Ophidian Arch Mage Statue, Ophidian Warrior Statue, Ophidian Knight statue, Ophidian Mage statue.

Mephitis: Calm
Shared: Necromancer Shroud, Oak Leaf Shroud, Most Knowledge Person (3 types – +3,. +4 & +5 hit points), Oblivions Needle
Decoration: Spider Statue, spiderweb (round), spiderweb (oval).

Lord Oaks: Orc Chief Helm
Shared: Royal Guard Survival Knife, Djinni’s Ring, Lieutenant’s. Sash, Samaritan Robe, Detective Boots and Most Knowledgeable Person (3 types – +3,. +4 & +5 hit points).
Decoration: Animated Water Tiles (pier, single rock, group of rocks), Wind Spirit

Shroud of Deceit
Shared: Necromancer Shroud, Captain Johns Hat.
Decoration: Wall Blood Tile, Tattered Mummy Wrapping.

Gladiators Collar
Shared: Royal Guard Survival Knife, Necromancer Shroud, Lieutenant’s Sash
Decoration: Lava Tiles, Daemon Skull.

Twaulo of the Glade: Quell.
Shared: Most Knowledge Person (3 types – +3,. +4 & +5 hit points), Djinni’s Ring
Decoration: Animated Water Tiles. Dreadhorn Statue

Meraktus the Tormented:
Shared: Royal Guard Survival Knife, Oblivion’s Needle
Decoration: A Vase, Minotaur Statue.

Ilhenar the Stained: Not Yet Discovered
Shared: Necromancer Shroud, Oblivion’s Needle.
Decoration: Plague Beast Statue, Red Death Statue.

Serado the Awakened: Pacify
Shared: Brave Knight of Britannia,  boots (+2, +3, +4 Intelligence), Oak Leaf Shroud, LT Sash.
Decoration: Swamp Tiles, A futon.

The Harrower: Champ Spawn Idol, Skull on a stick, Shroud of Ari. Acid Proof Robe, Animated Water Tiles.

Compiled by Petrify of Oceania from information supplied by the posters of UHall.

By Petra Fyde March 2009

Last modified: March 19, 2014

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