The Governor

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The Governor

Its been a year since the first governors elections and I am looking back if we made a change since the first time we placed ourself as candidate.


I must say our monthly meetings with King Blackthorn gave us some nice results.


Sometimes we do need to repeat our citizens desires and requests to the King but in the last year we were able to change some important things.

No longer are taxes been taken from donations to the city treasury!


This makes things a lot more interesting to organize events to increase the city fundings.


The fundings are needed to open trade deals with the different guilds.


We also convinced the King for more ways to increase the cities treasuries.

Buying a banner for your favorite town now go 100% to the city treasury.


The same counts for City Titles.

Now if you want a noble title, you can buy one and help your town with the gold you pay for it.


Governors can now be elected for six months , instead of  three months.

Three months was a bit short to make a difference.

Have you noticed the changes and work your governor did for your town?

The governor of Vesper convinced the King to build a stable in Vesper near the bank.


And I heard that governor of Jhelom will receive a stable for his town very soon as well.

The governor of Moonglow (Drachenfels) organized several Dragons for Moonglow events to help the Moonglow zoo.

The result is a full Moonglow zoo!


Would you like to see some changes in your towns? Contact the governor and let him know what you like.

Or meet him in his office in your town.


Maybe he can help you and your city!

Keep a eye out on the new governors global boards, they can provide you with the latest information.


So yes, we can make a change!

Maybe you want to become a governor and help the community?

Don’t forget to place yourself as a candidate and let someone endorse you.

I know I am happy to help my citizens and town!


Last modified: June 3, 2014

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