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The Quick Menu – The Quick Menu allows immediate access to common commands from a permanent location atop your game window. Clicking on any of the buttons will toggle the commands described below. There are a few additional buttons that you won’t find on your Character Window:


Map – This button opens an overhead image or your immediate area. Your location within the map is noted by a single white dot. You may toggle between small and large map windows by clicking the Map button or press ALT + R.


Paper Doll – The paper doll shows your character and what he/she is wearing. You can use it to change out your clothing, armor, headwear, weapons, and jewelry. You click on an item that the paperdoll is wearing and drag it to your inventory to remove it. You click on a new item and drag it onto your paper doll to equip it. You can also double click the brown pack to open up your inventory. The paper doll will be discussed in greater detail in another section.


Journal – The journal shows system messages, chat messages, and in-game conversation. You can scroll back in case you missed something. It only records for a certain amount of time so you cannot always scroll back far enough if there is a lot going on.


Chat – The Chat button opens the chat system interface. You can choose different channels to talk in or create your own private channels. The chat system will be discussed in greater detail in another section.


Help – This opens up the help menu. The help menu will be discussed in greater detail in another section.


Codex of Wisdom – The Codex of Wisdom contains information about various aspects of Ultima Online. You can also search through the Codex of Wisdom by using the Search button. The Codex of Wisdom is very similar to a F.A.Q.


Last modified: February 17, 2014

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