En Guarde?

February 07, 2014 By: petra Category: Community News


So it’s bye bye Mythic and hello Broadsword for Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot. The company name alone is inspirational and uplifting; bringing a smile to many a veteran UO player. How many of us began our venture into online gaming as a warrior with broadsword in hand?
Broadsword describe themselves as a team of passionate, hardcore gamers. Only the most cynical could doubt the passion and commitment of our UO Producer, Bonnie (Mesanna) Armstrong. We, the players, sincerely hope that the rest of the team are of the same calibre; because most of us are pretty passionate about our games too.
We eagerly look forward to seeing where Broadsword’s passion will lead us. We at Stratics will be here, as ever, supporting the teams to the best of our ability.

Our Editor in Chief gives her views on this news.

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1 Comments to “En Guarde?”

  1. Aridium Axemaster says:

    I hope the future remains bright for these two games. I’m a vet of both UO and DAOC. I have not played either in a very long time. ((Soon to be remedied!!) I’ll be coming back online to UO in the near future.