[EM] The Slower of the Pack

November 03, 2011 By: Crysta Category: Lake Superior News



Posted to the EM news site;


Brainnns.. Barins….

Brains: BRAAAAAiinnss……
Brrains: Brains.

B: Rains… brains brain.
R: Ains… Brains brain braiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn
A: Space I am in space! Space, Spppppaaacceee!!
I: Brains, Brains brains brains brain…
N: BRainssss Bbbrrrr…. Aiiiiiiiiinnnn… s….s….s….s….
S: Brain.. Brain Niarb brains!~

For those of you who don’t know what I was saying though my thick undead accent…

Meet at West Brit. Bank – Friday November 4th 2011
At – 8PM Eastern / 7PM Central

1: This is our halloween event
2: This is not on Halloween because we wanted everyone to spend time with their families and friends
3: Real life? bah..
4: There is RP and Combat! There might also be some problem Solving.
5: Zombies are friends, not food!~




The EM site itself is here








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