Zombiefied EMs CAUSE HAVOC!

November 03, 2011 By: Tertius Wands Category: Chesapeake News

On Sunday October 30 on the outskirts of Britain a normal Hall of Commons meeting was coming to a close. When a zombie walked into the hall of commons. Showing an abundance of service and a complete lack of fear Elder EM Dudley walked over and asked the zombie if it had a question. Zombies being more a hungry bunch then a talkative bunch decided the Elder EM Dudley would make a much better dinner then friend and proceeded to take a large chunk of Dudley’s arm and wandered off munching raw EM meat. Elder EM Dudley soon turned into a zombie himself and began talking about eating brains. Sadly EM Drosselmeyer did not seem to notice the change that had overtaken Zombie Dudley and ignored the warnings of those assembled.


Elder EM Dudley shambles to EM Drosselmeyer

photo courtesy of Emma Silvermane

The slowly shuffling Zombie Dudley went up to Drosselmeyer and then bit him. Of course this began EM Drosselmeyer’s transformation from benign plant man EM thingie to full blown plant man zombie EM thngie. While the two Zombie EM’s would have been bad enough but someone had left out a multiplying tub. Sadly when poor EM Drosselmeyer was bitten he fell right into the tub taking Dudley with him. Before the assembled crowd knew what to do there were Zombie EM Dudleys and EM Drosselmeyers everywhere. The crowd immediately set upon these foul monsters hoping to contain the infection. What then happened was one of the most intense fights that Sosaria has ever seen. Zombie EMs are insanely hard to kill. While teams of brave souls were able to dispatch them these Zombies were very dedicated following one Fanny Firebottom all the way to Glydenfeld.


Fighting all the way in Glydenfeld

photo courtesy of Emma Silvermane

As EM zombies started to drop odd masks were found on some of the corpses. Eventually all of the Zombie Clones were dispatched and after consuming a potion Elder EM Dudley and EM Drosselmeyer were back to their old selves. There has been no word on any injuries they sustained from the bite wounds but they have not been seen in any healers so it would appear that they are none the worse for wear.


A photo of the carnage

photo courtesy of Emma Silvermane

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