[EM News] “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” by EM Crysania

February 05, 2013 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

After a run in with that crazy Evil Minion of Love, Grindylow found herself in a delemia.(again) Some thought she had a hand in what ever was happening to the creatures of Sosoria, just because the Evil Minion had come to her to mix up a batch of what she thought was a Love potion. Now Grindy needs to prove shes innocent of any wrong doing! That in fact the wicked minion had switched out some ingredients and stolen others to create her “own” potion. Grindylow has to get a beaker of the potion from the Minion to prove its not her doing. Help Grindy in her quest for Innocence!

Date: 2/9/13

Time: 7pm PST

Meet: West Brit Bank Trammel

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