[EM News] February Events

February 05, 2013 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Upcoming February Events for your viewing and planning pleasure!

2/9/13- Innocent until proven Guilty- Meet Grindylow at WBB 7pm PST
Is she or isn’t she guilty? Help Grindylow prove her innocence!

2/13/13- Lonely Hart Club- Meet Grindylow at WBB- 7pm PST
He’s lonely, he’s shy, he’s in love. Help Dexter the great Hart
secure the Hart of his dreams!

2/23/13- The Stars Have It- -Meet Grindylow at WBB-7pm PST
Its all written in the stars..so they say..But just “Who” is “they”

2/28/13- Fishing Tournament weigh in/White net Toss- 7pm New Magincia Docks Tram
Meet Capt’n Armondo for the official weigh in!

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