[EM News] High Council of Britannia – The Meeting of November the 4th.

November 10, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

The High Council of Britannia
Elias Ashmole

This is a first of a series of insights into the workings of the High Council. Meeting for the first time since officially starting their six month term, the Council had much to discuss. Most of the elected High Councillors and Representatives were present, along with Captain Jenkins. Joining them for the first time was the Noble representative, Lady Christianson. A record number of proposals were voted upon during the meeting.

Here is a brief summary:

Meeting date: Friday, November 4th, 2011

Attendance details:

Councillor Ta’lin Birdsong.

Councillors Goodfellow, Fig, and Elladan.
Representatives Wildstar and Magdalena, Captain Jenkins, Lady Christianson.
Assistant James.

Proposal 1: A discreet survey, passed by a margin of 7 Ayes to 1 Nay
Voting details: Lady Christianson was the sole person to vote Nay
Proposal details: *sealed*

Proposal 2: Increased Royal Guard presence at the Sea Market, passed by a margin of 4 Ayes to 3 Nays
Voting details: Lady Christianson, Magdalena, and Councillor Goodfellow voted Nay
Proposal details: A regiment of the Royal Guards will be moved to the Sea market, along with additional naval assets.

Proposal 3: Censure of an unnamed member of the High Council, passed by a margin of 7 Ayes to 1 Nay
Voting details: *sealed*
Proposal details: A member of the High Council was censured by the Royal Council for conduct unbecoming.

Proposal 4: Moving an unnamed book to a shrine in Trinsic, rejected by a margin of 5 Nays to 2 Ayes
Voting details: Councillors Fig and Elladan voted Aye
Proposal details: *sealed*

Elias Ashmole,
Royal Herald

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