[EM News] From the Desk of Captain Jenkins: The Rescue of Lady Charlotte Christianson.

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From the Desk of Captain Jenkins: The Rescue of Charlotte Christianson
EM Seppo 

Captain Jenkins.

This letter was delivered to me by one who helped with the rescue.


Regarding the disappearance of Lady Charlotte Christianson, here is the information as it was discovered:

Spoke with Tessa at the Shattered Skull who said that Lady Charlotte left in a hurry and dropped her necklace. Tessa didn’t know anything about the necklace except that it was very expensive and to speak to the jeweler who had made it, a Hector. Proprietor the Pearl of Trinsic…

Visited Hector at his shop and when asking him about Lady Charlotte, he seemed to go on the defensive like he had something to hide. He wouldn’t say a thing until he was told that Lady Charlotte was missing. And then he seemed surprised and concerned, and asked if we had spoken to her father. Hector seems to know that Lord Christianson was overprotective of her since her mother, Gwyneth died. Directed us to the grave that he said they regularly attend and maintain. If you ask me, seems he knows a lot about Lady Charlotte and her family, for a jeweler. Hm, he also inherited the shop when his parents died, interesting.

The body of Lord Christianson was laying across his wife’s grave when we arrived…careful examination of the body yielded no evidence, except a bracelet with a broken clasp and an ornate onyx rose on it. (Forensic eval gave no info on the corpse or jewel).

Headed back to Hector to ask about the clasp and orante onyx rose, he responded it seemed like some gang sign and asn’t his work.

At this point started back to Britain to speak with Jenkins. At the mention of the onyx clasp he suggested that we head to the you to ask about it. You then directed us to Nicolas Palmer in Buc’s Den, told us about the Order of the Black Rose etc. Etc. Well, you know you were there! And it seemed that maybe the Order of the Black Rose had a hand in Lady Charlotte’s disappearance.

Nicolas Palmer decided to divulge the location of the Order of The Black Rose’s hideout when given a bit of help with items that he needed. His direction led to a magical door under Buc’s Den. The door gave a the password of the day as httrnzqv mwacg and the key as 39.59 96.40.

Since the thieves and other unwanteds seem to communicate in Vigenere code, and since no Vigenere code can ever have numbers as a key, the 39.59 96.40 had to mean something else.

Coordinates maybe?

Coordinates they were, leading to another place in Buc’s den with a book touting a Super Secret Keyword. Crossing over and opening the book revealed – yet more numbers. So, the kidnappers were using different codes to hide their tracks. This turned out to be a simple substitution cipher and yeilded the word slim jim. Using slim jim as the key for the Vigenere code, worked and that yielded “pilfered booty” as the password to gain access to the hideout.

Inside we were immediately attacked by super stealthy ninja warriors of the Black Rose, whom we fought for hours after gaining access to the hideout. A few had contracts on them to abduct the Lady Charlotte.

While we were engaged in attacking, subduing or killing members of the OBR, word was passed along that Lady Christainson had been rescued.

That, dear thiefmaster, was how the day unfolded. I am slightly suspicious of a few things. For one, why did Lady Christainson leave the Shattered Skull and suddenly go to visit her mother’s grave when she had a prior engagement? Was word sent for her to go there? Hector seems to be hiding something..and it was reported that Lady Charlotte’s reaction to her father’s death seemed a bit, cold. I think perhaps she will be watched closely as she sits the High Council. Until the next time, Thiefmaster.

*Name Removed.*

Do what you wish with this information…

Always a pleasure.

The Thiefmaster of Britain

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