[EM News] EM Event, Sunday January 15, 7pm

January 12, 2012 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

EM Tiberies event, Sunday January 15, 7pm Eastern Time.

Gather at the Counselors’ Hall in West Britain. I will create or designate a chat channel at that time.

You will help Salah Ad-Din to rescue his brother Yusef Ad-Din and Yusef’s lady Theresa from the evil order of Knights whom you encountered in the previous event.

This event will be almost all combat.

(Assuming of course that your suggestions about where they might be, from the other thread, are accurate! And if not, this will be a short event.)

It is a distinct possibility that Yusef or Theresa or both will not survive this event. You will have to be fast for them both to live.

-EM Tiberies

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