[EM] Guard Training

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Posted to the EM news site;


Teams of two, if you do not have a partner one will be selected at random from the active guards.

No Mortal Wounding, No Potions, No Forms (sorry vampires), No Self healing.
You must be 2 tiles or less away from your partner. You may use poisons. Leeching Weapons are allowed. Ranged&Magic allowed (remember sticking close to your partner), No BM’ing (unless in tasteful RP though that kindof isn’t the point of bm, however you can work with it the best you can.)

Goal: 2v2 “combat” where you must only heal your partner, and they must only heal you. Kill both the “enemies” in the arena, before they kill you. Each person on each team will be responsible for someone on the other time. You may not gang up on one then the other. (Until your target dies you may not attack the other one in the arena, AOE weapons or spells are permitted)

Meet at New Haven Bank!
Friday April 20th 201


(Subject to change completely and randomly without notice. You have been warned! O: )


The EM site itself is here.  


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