[EM Fiction] The Tailor’s Tale

June 07, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News


The tailor looked up from his sewing and grinned at the man standing in the doorway. “Well, hello sir! Tis good to see you again! Have you come to look at our new shirts? Or perhaps to tell one of your wonderful stories?”

The man smirked and curled his lips as he replied, “Oh yes, a story. Have you heard the one about the tailor who supplied the citizens with fancy shirts at no charge? It’s quite a tale I assure you.”

The tailor’s eyes widened as the man moved aside and a mob of angry citizens filled his shop. The mob tore through the shop overturning barrels and smashing looms. They pulled bolts of cloth from shelves and proceeded to trample them under dirty, mud caked boots. Several hurled dye tubs through the windows, smashing the windows and splattering the outside of the shop with all manner of hues.

As he tried desperately to stop the rampage, the tailor turned to the man and pleaded, “Please, make them stop! Why would you do this? I’ve never hurt anyone. I give gold and food to the poor and hungry. I’m not a rich merchant like many. What have I done to them? I’ve even been to your storytelling sessions! I thought you were trying to bring happiness to the cities!”

The man gazed at the tailor with contempt and sneered, “But I am bringing happiness – to ME.”

With a final satisfied look, the man turned toward the door. Just before crossing the threshold, he turned back and grinned, “And they lived not so happily ever after.”

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